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Occupancy Rate

By on September 4, 2018

The occupancy rate refers to the percentage of rental properties rented out to tenants against the total number of rental properties.

This is the opposite the vacancy rate which measure the level of vacant units against total units.

The variables used to measure occupancy rate depends on the objectives and preferences of the person measuring it.

Some common variable factors include:

  • Number of units
  • Floor area in square feet or square meter
  • Rental in dollar value
  • etc

For example, using number of units in the table below,

 Type No. of units
No. rented
No. vacant
1 bedroom 3 3
2 bedroom 3 1 2
Studio 3 2 1

The occupancy rate would be 6 rented units divided by 9 total units = 66.66%

For floor area in square feet with the data in the following spreadsheet,

Type Square feet
No. rented
No. vacant
1 bedroom 800 3
2 bedroom 1100 1 2
Studio 500 2 1

The occupancy rate would be total rented space (sqft) of 4,500 divided by total space of 7,200 = 62.50%

Using rental value to tabulate the below information, we get,

Type Rent
No. rented
No. vacant
1 bedroom 800 3
2 bedroom 1100 1 2
Studio 650 2 1

The occupancy rate would work out with rental collection of $4,800 divided by total potential rental of $7,650 = 62.75%

Investors would be particular with these figures as the results from these calculations serves as an indicator of how well a real estate rental market is performing.

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