Modern Minimalist Living Room Design Maxing Out Open Space

By on March 4, 2017

living room with big open space

With the trend of modern interior design and minimalist preferences, a fusion of the 2 popular concepts is a popular choice with home owners who wants to add a touch of new-age class. This design concept can be taken to the extreme when applied to huge living rooms with ample space. Making the main feature the open space itself.

Glass square coffee table. Modern single cushion chairs, White L-shaped fabric sofa set. Down lights. Custom made rug for huge living room. Stone walls. Table lamp with metal base. Dark side table. Extra-size flower vase. Granite floor tiles. Kitchen counter. Full length wall mirrors. False ceilings. Decorative artificial plants. Earthly tone color theme. Full length glass doors with with view to outdoor landscaping. Outdoor water feature.

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