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By on October 3, 2018

Accretion refers to the addition of land to a parcel as a result of natural causes such as gradual sitting.

This occurs most often on real estate consisting of rivers or streams.

As land mass build up on stream, they may start to naturally create little islands or extend the shore.

This accretion will belong to the land owner.

The term used to describe these soil, mud, and slit, deposited via accretion is alluvium.

A property process of survey should be used to officially include this new land in the cadastral map.

In contrast, the gradual washing away of land that results in a loss of land is called diluvion.

Accretion should not be confused with dereliction.

Dereliction is the exposure of more land due to receding water line.

It is not a process that creates more land. But a process of exposing more land.

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