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Agreed Boundary

By on November 20, 2019

Agreed boundary is a doctrine that affects the rights of ownership by allowing owners of adjoining land to mutually agree on establishing a boundary line.

When the actions of the landowners act in conformity of the terms that are agreed upon, then the line would become the legal boundary according to the doctrine of agreed boundaries.

When the agreement can be clearly defined in an oral agreement, it can be good enough to hold up in court.

However, if oral agreements does not provide enough clarity, then all such agreements have to be writing for them to be enforceable.

These types disputes over the demarcation of land can be widespread in rural areas.

It is best to have written agreements instead of relying on oral contracts when determining boundary lines that separate two or more parcels of land.

It goes without saying these are usually for issues between private land owners.

When public owned land is concerned, it might play out very differently.

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