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Attractive Nuisance

By on November 6, 2018

An attractive nuisance is a term that describes a feature on a property with an attractive appeal but can be hazardous to people including trespassers and children.

An obnoxious property owner who has one of these features installed can face liability should people suffer injuries or even death.

For example, if a swimming pool is set up on a property, it might attract children the neighborhood to want to enter and play in it even if it means trespassing on private property.

Should children trespass and mishaps happen, the homeowner can be liable for damages because he did not undertake actions to reasonably prevent such events for occurring.

In this case, the homeowner should install things like fences or screen to prevent easy entry.

While a homeowner might feel that such responsibilities of attractive nuisance are unfair to them, the law requires that they take necessary precautions to avoid being liable for damages.

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