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Bed And Breakfast

By on November 6, 2019

A bed and breakfast is a small sized property that offers overnight accommodation and breakfast in the morning.

These services are usually offered by private property owners who are using the excess capacity to earn a side income.

When the the B&B trend started to surge a decade ago, it used to be that home owners were residents living in the residence itself.

They serve as hosts to the guests and orientate visitors with the surroundings.

That was a time when investors of rental property were still focused on long term tenants on long term leases.

However, these days a lot of rental property owners rent their properties in a bed and breakfast manner. There are no host, and guests basically have the whole house or apartment for themselves.

The draw with such rentals is that travelers get to live in local neighborhoods and experience the grassroots rather than sleeping in a typical hotel.

Private home owners can also be more bold with design themes that attract niche markets.

Some luxury homes can go for more than a 5-star hotel per night.

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