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Bird Dog

By on September 6, 2019

Bird dog is a term used to describe a person who generates sales leads and furnish them to service providers.

They do not do any selling and is the epitome what what we call a middleman.

However, the work they do centers around operations to generate leads like running call centers, doing online marketing, canvassing, etc.

Successful agents and bankers often work with a whole network of bird dogs in order to achieve their seemingly impossible sales numbers.

For example, sometimes top real estate agents can close over a hundred deals a year. Some even more than that. There is no way a regular agent would be able to close so many transactions. They do this by establishing referral networks with birddogs and pay a fee for the leads generated.

A loan brokers can also considered as birddog.

These days modern intermediaries are taking on larger scopes in the roles as middlemen to add value to their services.

The pure bird dog is getting fewer and farther between.

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