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By on September 12, 2018

Boilerplate is a word used to describe basic standard language used in legal documents that the average person can reasonably understand.

This means that a boilerplate document should be void of legal or financial jargon that only professionals in those industries can comprehend.

Contracts that commonly use boilerplate include:

Some types of agreements between corporations and consumers are required to use standard language by law.

This is to help protect consumers from being preyed on by predatory business practices.

However, consumers need to realize that law can only protect them to a certain extent. It is still up to them to be responsible in learning the implication and consequences of signing contracts.

Template boilerplate documents can often be found retailed in stores or online.

Some such forms can include:

Landlords purchasing these template documents should review them before using them as there can be no universal contract template that applies to all types of agreements.

And if need be, make changes to them to customize them for their own specific requirements.

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