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Bottom Feeder

By on February 3, 2019

Bottom feeder is a street term used to refer to real estate investors who focus on targeting distressed properties in order to profit from the suffering of others.

While such behavior might be frowned upon in general, such investor can turn a huge profit very quickly in these types of deals.

After all, capitalism promotes such business-mindedness.

Among the real estate investing community, veteran investors can sometimes feel that bottom feeders can only profit from distressed properties as they don’t have the skills to be successful without buying on the cheap.

This is because when one moves into the big league, real estate acquisitions seldom come at a discount.

On the other hand, bottom feeders will almost exclusively deal with homeowner who are desperate, have a loved on who passed away, have huge medical bill to pay, facing foreclosure, etc.

It must be said that there is nothing wrong with having a focus in your acquisition strategies.

Even though some people might not agree with their tactics, bottom feeders deserve a lot of respect among real estate investors.

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