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Commercial Acre

By on October 1, 2019

Commercial acre refers to a portion of a newly subdivided land in which a developer is free to build upon after the authorities have planned and allocated the required land for infrastructure such as streets and sidewalks.

It does not mean an area as big as one acre.

It is important for the planners to set aside adequate space for other types of facilities and infrastructure so that land usage is not unbalanced.

For example, it would be a disaster if an acre has been turned into a mini city of shopping malls but lack the roads to facilitate traffic.

There is generally a ratio of commercial acre that people set a target on. However, that is not always strictly adhered to.

While most people might think that the large the commercial acre, the more developers would find a land lot idea, this is not always the case.

This is because the larger a commercial acre ratio implies that there are less space for other facilities like parks. The smaller the ratio would mean that residents in the area would have more access to amenities.

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