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Common Elements

By on November 21, 2019

Common elements refer to parts of a property (such as in a building) that are not individually owned by owners but are of indivisible interest to all owners.

For example, at a condominium, all unit owners individually own their homes including the floor space and ceiling. But corridors, walkways, parking areas, swimming pools, recreational facilities, etc, are shared by all owners with indivisible and shared interest.

Therefore, the responsibility of maintenance of these areas and facilities are shared, and usually managed by the owners’ association.

Each owner pays a regular maintenance fee to upkeep the common elements.

This can sometimes be a fixed fee each individual unit owner contribute are a fee based on the size or type of unit an owner owns.

In this case, the bigger the unit, usually the bigger contribution.

Common elements on a property can sometimes be necessities or constructed meant to provide convenience to residents.

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