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Correction Deed

By on July 22, 2019

A correction deed refers to any type of deed executed to correct some type of prior defect or error made in the original.

Some of these errors can include the

  • Misspelling of names
  • Mistakes in property description
  • Resurvey of property
  • etc

As deeds are material items that prove ownership, it is essential for owners to draw up correction deeds to correct the originals as soon as a mistake has be discovered within it.

Failing which can results in future problems.

There might even by mistrust in future when a buyer finds out that the original deed does not accurately describe the property in question.

Correction deeds are also sometimes called reformation deed, deed of confirmation, or confirmatory deed.

There are usually no conveyancing taxes with correction deeds, but a recording fee might be charged for the services rendered.

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