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Demising Wall

By on November 22, 2019

A demising wall is a wall constructed to separate two tenants within a space, or between a tenant’s space and the corridor.

Also known as a demising partition, these are important setups that landlords that manage multiple tenants with the own space in the premises.

It does not necessarily describe two separate units of rental space, whether it’s commercial or residential.

It could also be one rental space that is demarcated so as to rent to two or more tenants.

This can often occur in large retail units where there are no tenants willing to take up so much floor space.

So landlords split these big units into smaller units and rent them individually.

In this case, walls are often temporary and can be easily pulled down when the property owners decides to change the configuration again.

Demising walls can therefore be built as part of the building structure, or constructed later to split floor space.

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