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Empty Nesters

By on September 26, 2019

Empty nesters is an industry terms used to describe households where children have grown up and left the home to live on their own.

As such empty nesters are usually associated with elderly and senior residents.

While age is catching up with them, this demographic have significant buying power, properties with significant equity, and make up a considerable portion of condominium buyers.

This is because condominiums have various facilities for them to find leisure in, management association to take care of basic maintenance, and also security for protection.

This is a market niche that is continually targeted by developers as space of an apartment is not a top priority. This allows developers to build more smaller units within a building.

While these smaller units can be more affordable as a whole, the price per square feet can be expensive.

Empty nesters should not be confused with never nesters as the latter refers to couples who choose not to have children in the family.

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