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By on August 1, 2018

Facade describes a side of a building, usually the front, where it is most exposed to the street.

Houses are usually constructed with very clear indication of where the “face” of the building is.

This is the facade.

However, unique situations can sometimes arise for the landowner to decide on unconventional architecture. Sometimes a building can even have more than one facade.

This can sometimes be due to:

  • Feng shui influences
  • Orienting the house away from facing direct sunlight
  • Unique design by architect
  • etc

The facade can be of particular interest to a real estate investor or homeowner when buying property with historic value.

This is because facade easement can put a lot of restrictions and requirements on owners.

For example, many pre-war houses or those in the colonial era can have historic significance and therefore protected with zoning regulations and maintained by the government.

They are under conservation and often come with maintenance requirements like retro-fitting and regular inspections.

However, the restrictions are usually only on the facade. And owners can use their imagination on the interiors.

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