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By on October 2, 2018

A property that has been landlocked has no access to public streets and thoroughfare except through an adjacent land lot belonging to another owner.

Under such circumstances, landlocked owner can file a suit to obtain an easement by necessity so that he can legitimately use the adjacent property for entering and exiting his property.

However, this does not mean that the easement seeker will be able to treat the neighbor’s property as his own.

That would an intrusion of the neighbors privacy.

It just means that he can use the road or walkway that places the least burden on the neighbor’s property for access to his own.

When such easements are officially granted, they usually run with the land and subsequent owners will continue to have easement over the adjacent property.

Conversely, the neighboring property will also have such rules which should be abided by new owners should the property be sold in future.

Conflict that arise out of a neighbor’s annoyance to the landlocked property owner’s behavior can be hard to settle amicably.

For one, the neighbor would not be happy at all if he feels that trespassing are beyond what is necessary. On the other hand, the landlocker would find it essential and feel that the law allows him to do so.

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