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Notary Public

By on August 19, 2018

A notary public is a public officer authorized by the law to serve the public in taking oaths and witnessing signatures on documents.

The matters that they are often involved in include:

  • Deeds
  • Estates
  • Power of attorney
  • etc

And their tasks include:

  • Administering oaths
  • Taking affidavits
  • Acknowledging conveyance
  • etc

They can sometimes be called as just notary.

But in terms of legal language, a notary and notary public are different.

All signing agents are required to be notaries. But not all notaries offering notarial services are qualified to be signing agents.

Signing agents must be notaries public commissioned by the state to be eligible for a signing certificate.

They also play a prominent role in finalizing a mortgage.

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