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Office Park

By on July 10, 2019

An office park is a type of real estate development project specifically designed to attract office tenants.

They are often planned to incorporate warehousing facilities so that trading companies would also have the space to locate their inventory.

Because of the huge size of such projects, which can sometimes make up of over a thousand units, such developments are usually only undertaken by big players in the real estate industry, or backed by government authorities.

Office buildings make up the bulk of real estate while retail facilities are also planned into them so that workers in these places have a convenient place to eat.

In upscale office parks, fountains and fancy facilities might be built.

And sometimes site near rivers and waterfronts are used so as to create a more scenic environment to attract commercial tenants.

These days, office parks are commonly developed to serve a particular niche or industry such as medical parks, tech parks, research hubs, etc.

They are considered an evolution of industrial parks.

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