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Open Housing

By on November 1, 2019

Open housing refers to the availability of housing units for purchase or rental by anyone regardless of race, religion, nationality, etc, or other types of discrimination.

The seller of property to buyers and the renting of houses to tenants should be based on a financial decision and a person should not be judged from the color of his skin.

There are federal and state law that directly and indirectly addresses discrimination so that open housing is practiced.

However, it must be noted that landlords can still screen tenants and decide whether to accept one based on other factors like credit, income, references, etc.

And there is no legal requirement for them to disclose their standards. No landlord should be forced to rent to someone else.

This means that landlords who discriminate can sometimes reject potential tenants and claim that it was due to an adverse credit report even though the real reason was discrimination.

Discrimination can be hard to proof without evidence.

But regulations that promote open housing are constantly being written to move society forward.

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