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Quiet Enjoyment

By on June 30, 2019

Quiet enjoyment refers to the right of a property owner or tenant who has legal possession of it to have uninterrupted use of the property without disturbances.

When these law are enacted, the parties who are responsible to cause the disturbances are usually landlords or previous owners of the property.

This can occur when a landlord is not happy with the tenant for one reasons or another.

Maybe because of low rentals, an inability to collect rent, or that he feels that the premises has been abused by the tenant.

If it is a commercial property, landlords might make it difficult for the business tenant to conduct normal operating activities.

For homeowners, this can sometimes happen when the previous owner of the property feel that his loss of the house was through unjust means.

Maybe he was forced to sell through a collective sale even though he had no intention to sell. Or that it was taken via eminent domain.

The culprit can even be someone who feel that he has a legal claim to the title but lost the case in court.

When one feel that his right to quiet enjoyment has been violated, it is best to speak with an experienced real estate attorney to discuss possible actions.

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