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Row House

By on September 19, 2019

A row house describes a type of property where a series of individual dwellings have conformity and attached to each other with a common wall separating each unit.

Depending on where these types of real estate are mentioned, they can also used aliases like town house, terrace house cluster housing, etc.

But the unique features of similar architecture and shared wall puts them in the same category. Sort of like a hybrid of single-family houses and apartments.

In terms of architecture, they are the opposite of detached housing.

Each owner usually possesses fee title to the land their unit sits on and the structure itself.

And ownership is often organized like typical condominiums. Facilities surrounding the developments are shared common areas used by all row house owners.

When a row house building consist of 3 individual units, it is often referred to as a triplex.

A brownstone house is also a type of row house. Nineteenth century design row houses are often called western row house.

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