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Sealed And Delivered

By on October 21, 2019

Sealed and delivered is a business phrase to indicate that a seller has received consideration, and had therefore delivered.

The word sealed is commonly mentioned as for a long time, old conveyancing practices used an official seal as alternative options for consideration.

The term has little legal impact (if any) today.

The seal is an embossed impression made by a metal die on paper. It acts as endorsement of authenticity.

Some common seals include:

  • Government agency seals
  • Corporate seals
  • Notary seals
  • etc

They all act as evidence that the person with the authority to make decisions has approved, rejected, or basically made a decision about the subject at hand.

Sometimes the initials L.S. is added which refer to a Latin word locus siglli. It translates as under seal.

In places where seals are still recognized, they may have a longer statute of limitations.

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