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Strip Center (strip development)

By on October 19, 2018

A strip center is a type of commercial development in which tenants (retailers) and stores are managed as a coherent entity.

As these real estate developments often don’t consist of anchor tenants, all tenants need to work together to attract as big a crowd as possible to sustain the business of each other.

They are sometimes know as strip developments, strip mall, or strip shopping centers.

While the stores are attached to each other, there are are no walkways that links one shop to another. Meaning no enclosed walkways to enable patrons to move to another place without shelter.

While these land developments are most often built in a straight line, they can sometimes take up U or L shapes.

With ample parking lots spread out and direct access to individual stores, customers of tenants will be able to park right in front of the stores as if they are there visiting a standalone shop.

Such developments often serve local neighborhoods and communities.

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