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By on October 11, 2018

Subagency refers to the relationship between a sales agent trying to sell a listing belonging to another agent.

The listing broker will normally have the direct relationship with the property owner, but sometimes other agents try to sell the property for the listing agent for one reason or another.

This creates a subagency arrangement.

While the listing agent retains the working arrangement with the client subagents will then have the authority to attempt to sell the property for the listing agent.

This is actually a common basic partnership due to the extensive reach of the MLS.

Some agents just feel that they would be able to sell a house quickly and at a good price, the main listing agent agrees, and the agreement is set.

The commission split between the 2 agents will depend on their own agreements as there are no standard percentages in practice.

However, it’s not uncommon for the listing agent to offer a higher share to the selling agent if the sales price achieves a certain target range.

Take note that the home seller’s commission payout remains the same. Just that the agents will share the commissions between themselves.

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