Tacking | Propertylogy


By on October 21, 2018

Tacking concerns the act of adding one time period to another, and the term is used in real estate mostly to accumulate time period requirements for one reason or another.

It is often a word observed in cases of adverse possession regarding squatters.

For example, a squatter might have to be on a property for a certain number of years before being considered to be given squatter rights to it.

If one had previously spent some time one it, left, and came back, tacking the time previously spent on the property to the time from the current period, the total time period spent on the property might improve the chances of him acquiring squatter rights.

A true owner of real property can lose possession of a property this way via neglect and abandonment.

So property owners who intend to retain ownership of their assets need to do something about squatters if they find them on site.

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