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Title Plant

By on October 27, 2018

A title plant is a storage facility belonging to a title company where their collection of property ownership history is stored.

The files and folders in this title collection contains complete title records, and would be organized according to geographic location instead of names of owners.

This helps to make it easier to conduct research on historical ownership of land areas.

A title plant can have a compilation of lien history and ownership information regarding a specific property according to records based on geographic location.

This is  as opposed to a search based on an owner’s name.

The title plant is a very useful tool when conducting research on land and title ownership.

As long as there are doubts about the clarity of title, buyers of real estate should conduct more in-depth research into it’s ownership history to look for potential flaws.

Otherwise, at least get title insurance so as to protect the investment from claimants in future.

Large title companies operate and maintain their own title plants, processing hundreds of recorded documentation a day.

In some cases they even have computer systems that are hooked up to government record offices so that record are created as soon as new documentation is recorded in the record office.

Such systems make the work of title companies easier and less prone to errors.

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