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Trade Fixtures

By on November 14, 2018

Trade fixtures are personal property that has been attached to the structure for business use, and remain the personal property of the tenant unlike regular fixtures that remain as part of the property.

Because trade fixtures are recognized as part of the business instead of part of the property, the tenant may take ownership of them and remove them from the premises upon the expiration of the lease.

Sometimes landlords demand the removal of all trade fixtures before the expiration of the lease so that the premises can be rented out immediately to new tenants without delays caused by the work of removing the fixtures.

In this case, landlords might insert a clause in the rental contract stating that trade fixtures that remain on the property after the expiration of the lease will become the property of the landlord.

Some might even state straight up that any improvements carried out on the property, including trade fixtures, will become the property of the landlord.

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