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Zone Condemnation

By on August 20, 2019

Zone condemnation refers to large scale plans whereby entire areas are marked for demolition to make way for new construction.

Projects like these usually take years to plan and implement due to the sheer scale of works involved.

And because of the reasons above, plans for such areas would usually be indicated in the city’s master plans in advance.

Zone condemnation to clear such areas of residents, local governments or major developers would usually have to buyout existing residents residing in the areas. They might even be offered public alternatives from the government.

Or when real estate in the areas are all leasehold and options to renew are not offered to owners. As different buildings can have different lease periods and expiry date, it can take a very long time for a residential or commercial area to totally be cleared of tenants and owners.

Such projects are often planned to reinvigorate neighborhoods that have a bad reputation or to greatly increase the number of residents in the area by demolishing houses and building apartment buildings instead.

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