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5 Common Attributes Shared By Super Successful Agents

By on May 4, 2014

People join the business of helping others buy and sell real estate for a variety of reasons. Some found their way into this industry after being let go by their employers, some gravitate towards it for the freedom that the profession rewards, some are attracted to the thought of having no ceiling to their potential income, others like the idea of running their own business rather than having their hands tied due to politics in the workplace, some even join just for the passionate interest they have in real estate.

Whatever the reasons, being a property agent is an opportunity that has little barriers to entry. And the big draw to high-achievers is that they control their own destiny and that they are remunerated by the value they bring to their work rather than by the time they are willing to spend in an office.

It really is a cut-throat business in many ways. Either you acquire or you lose clients. You cannot “share” them. A home buyer or seller will engage the service of an agent. Actually… they can engage many. But eventually only one will get paid. And looking at the fact that houses are not consumer products where people buy each week, the ferocity of competition naturally weeds out those who are unsuitable for this profession from those who are natural superstars.

Even though every individual is unique with unparalleled degree of characteristics and traits, there are some attributes that seem to always be present in successful agents. If you mimic them, you are well on your way to duplicating their success.


They understand the importance of activities that need to occur in order for success. And they do it consistently instead of do them in bursts. For example, 100 cold calls a week, 1 road show a week, 2 days at the new condominium sales floor a week, view and investigate 10 new listings each day, etc. Even when they are too busy to follow through, they usually hire others to do it for them. There are technologies available these days that systematically get these tasks done for agents as well. If you are one of those who cannot restrain yourself from taking a holiday each time you close a deal, you should know deep inside that you are not demanding more from yourself.

superstar real estate agentLong term vision

Be realistic. You could be looking at 6 months of little to no income when you first join the trade. Maybe even more. Sure, there are people who hit the ground running. But even though that can look impressive, it is not a sure sign that a great agent is in the making. You need to look at the long term as it could take weeks and months for you to pick up the required knowledge. It will then take time for you to learn the personal skills required to handle clients. And you will also need time to get accustomed to industry practice, workplace culture, networking events, etc. Having a short term outlook will only serve to give you depression when you do not make an impact quickly.

You need time to set up your lead generation systems, for your network relationships to build trust, and even for prospects to start buying or selling. Buying a home or selling one is not exactly something that many people can do on an impromptu basis. You might have earned trust from prospects. But you need to wait till they are ready to buy or sell to really engage you as their representative.

Constantly learning and improving

No matter which level of expertise you are in a particular skill, there will always be room for improvement. Many times, even professionals at the top of their game can be astonished to pick up something they never knew had existed for ages. There is a wealth of knowledge and skills you can learn that will improve you personally and professionally. Don’t deprive yourself from them.


Even though you could be attracted to this profession due to the flexibility it offers. Be careful of taking that flexibility too far. There’s a difference between “work from home” and “sleeping at home”. You need to write down what are the steps required to reach your goals and follow through on getting them done.  The hallmark of success is the ability of individuals to do things or execute actions that they don’t like. But they still go ahead because they know that these actions are required.

Never taking rejection personally

It really is a messy world out there in this industry. Just visit a new launch show flat on launch day to have a first-hand visual experience. Business come and go. And sometimes people can get nasty or screw you over for their own self-interest. Rejection is part and parcel of the game. It is prevalent in every business. Instead of feeling sorry for themselves and go into depression for a week, successful agents let it go and move on to the next client without letting failure affect their moods. If you cannot handle rejection, you have to either train yourself to brush it off like a speck of dust on your jacket or quit right now.

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