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4 Basic Frame Of Mind For A Winning Sales Approach

By on January 6, 2018

Unless your prospect has already been pre-sold, there is no way you are walking into a cold meeting without the right frame of mind, and emerge later with a signed sales contract.

It just doesn’t work that way in the world of corporate sales.

You could get away with it when you are selling a low-priced item resembling a commodity.

But big ticket items like real estate? No way.

And I believe that you understand that at a deep level.

One of the biggest factors that could make a difference between winners and losers in sales is mentality.

How you approach. How much conviction you have.

Since a sales negotiation is a battle of wits and conviction, the right frame of mind can do wonders towards your desired results.

So how do you get into the right frame of mind at the most basic level?

1) Believe in your product

You need to really believe that what you are selling is going to make a difference to your prospect.

When there is even a small doubt in your mind, you speak and behave without total conviction.

For some weird reason, people can pick up on it.

There is no need to be an expert in body language to tell that someone is selling from the script.

If your product has saved customers millions of dollars and have a track record of success, it is not difficult to convince yourself that your product delivers.

It is even better if you have seen with your own eyes how it has helped your customers.

You talk more confidently and become congruent in your pitch.

Put it this way. If a particular house will indeed do wonders for your prospect, make it your duty to get it into his hands.

It is your responsibility to do what it takes to convince him to write that check.

Even if an aggressive sale could be a little awkward, your new customer will thank you for it later when he realizes how much he has benefited from the property that you shoved down his throat.

2) Learn to motivate yourself

There are 2 big ways that drive motivation.

  1. Rewards and punishment
  2. Pleasure and pain

You can either use the rewards you will get from meeting your sales numbers to drive you, or use the pain of failing to sell to push you forward.

The reality is that most people are driven by fear. Fear of pain and punishment.

But if you learn how to motivate yourself with pleasure, you will learn that motivation driven by rewards is a far greater force than one driven by punishment.

If you have a healthy mentality, you would probably want to push yourself with rewards.

But sometimes, people work best under the pressure of failure. This is even when they don’t enjoy it that way.

But because putting themselves under obscene pressure delivers results, they do it over and over again voluntarily.

Find the sweet spot that drive the highest motivation in you that delivers results.

However, if you are perfectly fine at achieving a lesser result with less stress, by all means go for it.

As long as you are making ends meet, who am I to question you.

3) An opportunity to refine your approach and skills

Prospect have different personalities, values, beliefs, etc. They respond to different words and actions differently.

So there is never one method that will always work on everyone. Don’t make the mistake of being too rigid in your sales presentations.

Sometimes an answer to a common objection would work on most people. But it might not on others.

In such instances, continuously banging on your model answer will not get you anywhere.

You might then have to change your approach in handling such objection that seem clear cut to you.

Every sales experience is an opportunity to assess and improve your performance. They are opportunities for your to harness your skills.

Learn from mistakes.

And more importantly, learn how to get pass them in future.

It is excusable to fail in handling a problematic issue for the first time. But if the same negative responses happen again, it is your own fault for not finding a way around it.

4) Repeat tactics that work

When I first started with sales, I made it a point to add variety to the way I say or present things. That was because I felt that I had to be an unscripted original.

That was one of the biggest mistakes in harnessing my selling skills.

You see, for some reason, there was a voice inside me which told me that every sales pitch I’ve made was videotaped. And one day someone will round up all the tapes to take a look. It would then be a huge embarrassment when that person realize that I’m selling from a script. Repeating the same line sand words, in similar format over and over again.

It was all in my own head.

In reality, nobody cares.

In fact if you go look for videos of famous speakers, you will find that they repeat their messages over and over again in a lot of their events. Even presidential candidates do that.

So in the event that you have the same mental block I had, get over it.

Take note of the best tactics, responses and sentences you made.

Then repeat them to new prospects. It’s not embarrassing to repeat success over and over.

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