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6 Homebuyer Personality Types And How To Handle Them

By on March 29, 2019

It’s amusing that even though we are not machines, real estate salespeople often strive to perform as mechanically as possible in an effort to be as efficient as possible at work.

Call it a persona, façade, archetype, personality, or whatever. Wouldn’t it be nice if you are able to categorize a potential client immediately and identify the approach you can use to maximize your chances of striking a deal?

In this aspect, most salespeople probably wish that they can be as systematic as possible.

Here are the 6 most common personality types of buyers and how best to manage them.

Note that these are just labels to make selling that little more fun. They are also not gender specific.

1) The self closer

This is someone who is already sold on a property.

Maybe he heard about it from word-of-mouth, advertisements, or from past experience.

It doesn’t matter. He is sold. And you will be the biggest loser of all losers if you lose a prospect like this.

He is easy to work with and seems agreeable to everything on the most part. Further, he even finishes your sales pitch for you… that’s actually weird…

A common problem real estate agents face when meeting up with such a customer is that he isn’t really convinced that you are competent enough.

To put a stamp on this customer and claim the sale as your, all you need to do is to demonstrate deep product and fulfillment knowledge.

Since he knows more about the product than the average prospect you meet, you can absolutely score bonus points if you can reveal details on the transaction process or value chain which he hasn’t had knowledge of.

2) The wheeler dealer

This is the guy who is never convinced that he has squeezed out every drop of juice from an orange. He keeps asking for more freebies and complimentary gifts that your company warehouse could close down just to fulfill his wishes.

For some reason you might even think that he has a personal agenda against you… and that he needs to beat you in a battle of will so that he can crown himself as a negotiating genius.

And when he meets up with friends and colleagues, he will brag about what he managed to seduce out of you and obtain a better deal than what his friends got.

To triumph over such a worthy adversary, you first need to weigh out whether it is worth it to succumb to his business prowess.

Sometimes freebies are aplenty in the inventory room. Sometimes, what is being requested has no real costs to the business. But sometimes, it can be impossible to meet his expectations without incurring a loss.

Only when you know your limits, can you go back to the negotiating table.

Realize that the prospect knows that he is trying his luck big time. And he knows it. And don’t forget that once you relent to his pressure, he is going to double up and ask for more.

The best way to handle such bargain hunters then is to be firm on your final offer but leave a little space to provide that little extra. Then when he does ask for more, make an enhanced final offer which is definitely FINAL.

This helps him appreciate that he drove a hard bargain and make him think that he made you go past your limits. Everything is of course, planned by you meticulously to the very detail.

These types of customers also appreciate attention. So don’t blow off your chances by forgetting to follow up pre and post sale.

3) The robotic purchaser

This is the typical office officer who is in charge of purchasing products and services for day to day operations. They could also be procurement officers for raw materials or merchandizers for retail goods.

The fact of the matter is that they need to make business decisions backed by sensibility and numbers. No amount of begging and cajoling can move this person as she is usually as emotionless as a stone statue.

And you can’t blame her as she doesn’t want to feel guilty for rejecting your sales proposals one day.

Remember that she is this way because she has to justify every purchase she makes to herself, family members, relatives and friends. Otherwise her reputation of driving a hard bargain could dissipate like smoke from a cigarette.

So the best way to help her, and yourself, is to fill your presentation with details that she can use to show her spouse. Use as little fluff as possible while giving more air-time to facts and figures.

And since she is the typical office-styled workaholic, try to follow “formal” correspondents. Like sending a thank you email after you presentation, sending her notification messages 30 minutes before meetings, faxing over official quotations so that she has something concrete, etc.

Being too smart in your actions can be detrimental to your success.

4) The soap bar

This is a slippery species that can be the most evasive of them all.

He agrees to appointments, then cancels at the last minute. He tells you to call him at a particular time, then don’t answer the phone. He says he will revert by today, but you haven’t received anything from him.

Yet with all these elusive behavior, you can tell that he is genuinely interested in the house.

He is simply too busy… or wants to portray the self-image of being busy…

The silver lining of running into home buyers like this is that they are usually more decisive than others. And they seldom flake when they make commitments in person rather than over the phone or email.

If you have yet to get a hold of him, your best move is to get his gatekeepers, or even his family, to help you get a hold of him. And once you see him in person, get him to commit to a sale advancement, or close him right there and then.

If you don’t make a bold move, you might never see him again as he might feel that you are just a waste of time… because nothing was accomplished in the meeting.

Don’t blow that 1 chance.

5) The meticulous monster

And you thought you wife was crazy on your wedding day… you have seen nothing yet.

The nit-picker is your worst nightmare. She knows exactly what she wants, how she wants it, and even what time to deliver it. Everything has to go along with her master plan.

You are not alone if you suddenly feel like a slave to her music.

Any minor screw up will be frowned upon. Even if your hairstyle is a little off for the day, she might interpret it as incompetence. It doesn’t help when she holds onto your every single word as a contract in writing.

The good part with dealing with meticulous monsters is that many of your competition might not meet her standards and expectations. And as long as you are orderly along her rules, you could very often finish as the last man standing.

So swallow you ego and listen to instructions to close this one.

Once you burn an impression in her mind that you are up to her OCD, you will always be the first in her mind when she needs something that you have.

6) The lawyer

The lawyer is a prospect who raises objection to almost everything you say. Whether you are claiming that you product can do something, or whether it’s made in Japan, he is going to shout “OBJECTION!”.

It can be tough to even get a word through. Especially when you have never attended law school and never took part in any debating forums.

There’s little point presenting facts or specifications to him as he will rebuff them with ease.

If there’s one thing that lawyers respect and bow to, it is authority.

You can overcome, or “overrule”, this objection-laden attitude by referencing big names and famous people. Testimonials from weirdoes don’t mean anything to him. But testimonials from people or organizations whom he recognizes can have a huge impact on his perception and attitude.

It is time to pull out that dusty sales portfolio  of yours and take it into battle.

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