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3 Annoying Behaviours That Tenants Hate About landlords

By on February 19, 2014

Every business has got a give and take policy where both parties of provider and customer have to give something away to get something. Similar requirements are there in the business of landlording. While the landlords would expect a timely rent payment from the tenant, the latter would also expect certain things from the former, which if not fulfilled would cause a crack between the otherwise healthy relationship of tenant and landlord.

Even if you are a veteran property manager, there are certain behaviours in a landlord that are difficult to eliminate completely which will not only annoy the tenants, but can cause them to think twice before renewing the contract the following year. Here are those not so welcome habitual behaviours that many landlords manifest resulting in disrespect or even despise from their tenants.

Why is he rude?

The chart topper annoying act in a landlord that would be hated by the tenant is if the landlord is not polite and is rude with the tenant without any cause or reason. Every tenant is an individual who would love to have his self dignity intact and would surely not like it if the landlord behaved impolitely with him or his family members.

With the mindset of a customer who is renting your property, you are legitimately expected to be well-mannered and treat tenants as your boss. The irony is that most people are well behaved before a sale is closed and only reveal their dripping fangs after a contract is finalized and signed.

Behaving like a 2-faced vampire humanoid is a sure way for others to despise you. Tenants may even feel cheated in some way into becoming your customer. The fact is that nobody owes you a living and you should treat tenants with respect as they are the ones who are putting cash into your bank account. If anything, you owe them more than the other way around.

Where on earth do I get hold of my landlord?

In case the landlord and tenant do not stay in the same building or apartment, it is important that the landlord is accessible and is approachable. Many landlords who stay in a different locality prefer to be unreachable for the whole of the month and would show up only during rent collection time. A good tenant would hate such an attitude.

Landlords who behave just like money collectors are not being liked by tenants at all. The tenants would always expect the landlord to build a good and healthy personal relationship wherein they could share the concerns related to the house and other things of life.

bad landlord behaviourWhy is my landlord so sluggish?

Slow response time or high ignorance in case of a repair request is something that again will deduct points for the landlord. Any tenant would live to see his landlord get the repair works done as soon as possible, as a damage in the house, however small it may be would cause a lot of inconvenience for the occupants who are living in that house. When the property owner show ignorance for such repair requests thereby loosing respect in the eyes of the tenant.

I don’t understand how people can sell things or services which they are unable to deliver and refuse a refund when they are found out. If you had promised your occupants of a specific response time, you have to deliver what you promised.

Actually there are many implied responsibilities that a landlord has to shoulder. This include ensuring that basic necessities are available, making sure the house meets property and reasonable safety standards, and keeping the home in a proper living condition. So at anytime if a problem that falls under these categories is notified to you, you should take action to rectify them immediately. And when there are certain requests that have been expressly communicated to you as a requirement for being your tenant, you must deliver them to be a credible businessman. You won’t be in the real estate business for very long if you intend to take your clients for a ride.

I hate liars!

Briefly mentioned on the previous point, there are many landlords who promise a lot of things while getting the tenant to sign the rental agreement, however, after that all those promises vanished into thin air. This is something that is absolutely hated by the tenants. The basis of any business is trust hence once the landlord breaks the trust factor he earns hatred on himself from his tenant. After all no one would like to continue a deal with a person who does not know how to value his words.

Tenants are not idiots who do not have a clue what is going on. The odds are that they know when they are being lied to. And most of the time, if they keep quiet about it, they are just being polite and giving you a chance to redeem yourself. When there are tough issues that you are unable to solve quickly, the best thing is to admit it by being frank. So forget lying about housekeeping only work on weekends or that the fluorescent lights are out of stock throughout the town. It does not do your reputation any favours when your lies are easily found out as such.

It does not take a big deal to be a good landlord and build a relationship based on mutual respect with your tenants. These 3 annoying behaviours when kept in check will more often than not, be sufficient to take care of the relationship and longevity of the relationship.

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