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How Do You Know If Your Real Estate Agent Is Acting On Your Best Interest

By on July 25, 2014

There are two types of sales people, that are often portrayed in a negative light. Those that sell cars and the high achieving real estate agents. Saying that, it is not impossible to find a great helpful agent and getting recommendations from him. What you want to avoid are people who are only serving their own interest instead of yours. Identify them early to discard them before getting in too deep and unable to effectively let them go.

When you first start visiting properties, take note of the agent’s language in regards to the sales close. Did your parents ever use the terms, “you have to do this now,” when they wanted something completed immediately? When your real estate agent prods you with this type of command, they are not acting in your best interests. It is more akin to demanding your action. It’s likely that they want to sell this house quickly because they are the listing agent or they want to sell and find the next client.

A real estate agent may not tell you that you have to do something right now; however they may encourage you to move quickly. It’s similar to a used car salesperson telling you that they have someone else extremely interested. This type of sales close was developed to get people off the buying fence and signing on the dotted line. It is never desirable to move quickly when making your biggest life purchase. You need to weigh all your options. Feeling pressured and moving quickly to close the sale, has far reaching consequences.

You may end up spending over your allotted budget because you felt pressured to “get it over with.” Once you have been handed the key to the house, you might return and have some buyer’s remorse. This is not the way; you want to start off your new life, in the home of your dreams. And considering that once you move in, you could be too lay to move out so quickly, you want to prevent yourself from making a wrong choice.

Rarely do you ever buy the first house you look at. While an agent may have a decent idea of what you are looking for, it’s just not that easy to match people with their perfect house. There are far too many variables involved concerning far too many parties. As you spend a few days, going from house to house…beware if suddenly your agent starts commenting on how “you shouldn’t worry, it will happen soon.” Some agents like to use the phrase, “you will fall in love with the next one.” What they are really hoping for, is to find your trigger point. The trigger point is when they hear you say, “I love the kitchen.” What happens next, is no matter what you find wrong with the house, they will always find a way to bring the kitchen up again. It’s a hot word. When you love something or someone, you are always willing to forgive some of their faults. An agent who has themselves in mind, rather than you-cannot wait to hear you utter a trigger word. You can bet that the hot key will be used over and over again playing on your emotions.

There are people who would not do anything to embarrass another human being on purpose. When discussing an offer that you want the agent to present, do not fear making what may be considered a low offer. Your real estate agent may tell you that the offer is too low and would cause an issue with the seller. When that occurs, it usually means that there is some concern that their commission will be significantly lower.

It’s always best to keep your wits about you when making your biggest life purchase. Listen carefully to what your real estate agent and also the seller is saying about the property. There may be some awesome clues as to whether the person you hired to help you is indeed doing the exact opposite in helping you. When you identify these people, it is best to let them go as fast as possible with as little baggage as possible.

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