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How Much Space Do You Need For Your New Home?

By on March 25, 2013

Before you give a call to that real estate agent who left a flyer on your door, it is necessary to sink into your sofa and determine what kind of space your family needs.

This important information that can assist your agent to be as efficient as possible without wasting the time of all parties.

The very first thing to ponder over, is exactly how many people will be living in your home?

How many children do you have?

What about the children of other family members?

Working around your budget, you will then have to decide if it is absolutely necessary that each child will be given a room of their own or will be sharing with someone else.

These numbers may also affect the number of toilets you need to have in order to cater to everyone.

These days everyone want their own bathrooms. But that luxury is a little far fetched.

The next best thing you can do is at least plan property so that there will not be a queue forming up every time you walk past the bathroom.

In the event that you have a child who will be moving out on his own soon due to work, studies, or even marriage, this means that you might not need as many room as you initially thought.

The next question to ask is whether relatives and kins who will be living with you have plans for the future?

Living within a large household can be fun. But people may have their own plans on their future.

Maybe your in-laws who you expect to live with your family are looking to sell their current home and buy a new condominium.

This information can play a huge role in your decision whether to buy a typical multi-room apartment or even one of those fancy dual key units.

There are also individuals with specific needs based on work or hobbies.

One or more of your family members may be require a home office for a  home based business, like freelancing or accounting.

Decide whether or not you will need to use the study or a bedroom as a work area.

A lot of apartments comes with study rooms.

The irony is that these studies do not even have enough space to fit a proper workstation into.

A SOHO styled concept you be what you need if your budget does not allow you to buy more space.

Some home owners have specific rooms for specific interests.

A popular room among home owners is an entertainment room.

These is where you setup your latest Playstations, karaoke sets, and home theater systems.

If you are fan of playing pool, you have to plan for a room big enough for a pool table.

The same goes for a mahjong room or a weights room you want to use as your personal gym.

If there is a lot of cooking being done in the household, you need a fully functional kitchen with ample space as well.

Many people forget all about planning a kitchen for big households as more attention is paid to the living room area.

A big household needs more space in the kitchen for cutlery, dishes, bigger refrigerator, dining, snacks, condiments, and maybe even a bigger stove to cook bigger portions.

Let’s not forget you need space for ventilation as well.

Planning space needs often get neglected as many property buyers buy and attempt to squeeze the household into the space they bought.

Lack of personal space is a proven factor that can cause disharmony and friction among people.

This will negatively impact the positive vibes in a happy household. So spend some time thinking over what kind of space you really require and let you real estate agent know.

It will take much longer than you think in searching your dream home if you don’t really know what your space needs are.

The worst case scenario is ending with a new home without enough space for each individual.

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