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Moving Tips When Relocating To A New Home

By on August 17, 2013

For a lot of people, buying a new home can actually be less stressful than planning the logistics and little details on how to move. When you first made yourself as a potential buyer in the market, property agents and services providers will be chasing you to make a decision. But when it comes to planning how to move, you become the one chasing service providers and relatives to help you with the relocation. Moving your home is unlike corporate moving where you just instruct the movers to just take everything with them.

There are more issues to manage in moving than in purchasing. Always make a list or a cheat sheet of what needs to be done. This way, you minimize the inevitable tendencies that you will forget something. You can have separate lists for physical things like calling utility companies, to personal things like preparing your young children to leave their friends and how to make new ones. If you have already picked out a new home or are moving to a new city, be sure to find the very best home inspector before hand. When you leave that to the last minute, you run the risk of having someone who is going to overlook issues with the new purchase.

You need to make a decision about what exactly you will be taking with you. It is rare that anyone takes everything, unless they hire the movers to “pack it all” like moving office. In that instance there have been movers who took the statement too far…even managing to pack up the garbage. Check around the house and decide what needs attention. Do you have a large freezer? It is going to be unplugged for the trip, so it needs to be emptied and cleaned prior to the movers showing up.

If you are moving bulky items like your bed and closet, it might be necessary to disassemble them so that they can at least fit through the door. Your mattress or tilam is something that cannot be disassembled. It is often the most challenging item to move especially if you are using one of those heavyweight spring mattresses. Remind your movers to take special care on big fragile items that have to be carried whole. These items include full-length mirrors, aquariums, 90 inch LED television sets, etc.

I need to sort these out by colour so they don't get in a mess

I need to sort these out by colour so they don’t get in a mess

It is not uncommon for moving to spread out several days for some people. Of course, if you are using professional movers to do it for you, they should be able to do everything within a day. But when you are doing it all yourself with a couple of friend who did not have a weird excuse to side-step your request for help, it can in fact take a few days. Maybe it is because you only have 1 vehicle for the moving. Maybe you had to wait a while for the town council to come over and discard some condemned furniture. It could also be that you planned for a day moving huge bulky items and another day to move the miscellaneous stuff.

The cost of a move is significant, so if there is old furniture, look at giving it away to charity. This will help you with your mood, having done something nice and a person who is in desperate need, gets some new items. You might also take the opportunity to dispose of your old clothing that you have left untouched in your wardrobe for the last 6 months. Just pack them up and drop them off at the Salvation Army. Perhaps it is also time to box up all those paperback novels and old DVDs to sell at the local thrift store.

You need to prepare the house for sale as well. So it is time for major cleaning and staging. With some of the old furniture gone, this will be even easier. A fresh coat of paint is always a welcome sight. Get rid of every bit of clutter you can, before the realtor and his clients start arriving. If cleaning the house sounds intimidating to you, you can actually hire people to do it for you at a nice price.

Start packing early. Get good sturdy boxes with heavy duty packing tape. If you are using professional movers, they will provide adequate carton boxes for the demands of the move. Now if you are packing the dishes yourself, then put aside the dishes you rarely use and then pack them away wrapped with old newspapers. Always clearly label what is in the box. Draw a fragile sign on the boxed that contain delicate items. Some people find it very useful to not only write out that the box contains kitchen stuff but go so far as to do bullet points. That way when you get around to the new house and you really need that toaster, you don’t have to dig through five boxes just to have some breakfast. If you have a printer, you can also take a picture of the contents in the carton, print it out and paste it on the top of the carton. If the technology is available, make full use of it.

Sit down at the end of each night and review your list. Mark things off and then discuss with your spouse what is a priority and what you may have missed. What about the pets or having the mail forwarded? So much to do… it is better to be organized.

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