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9 Reasons To Find A New Place And Move Without looking Back

By on August 19, 2017

Moving to a new place can be a tough decision to make. And while there can be various reasons to stay, people usually move for benefits associated with the move rather than to avoid the disadvantages of staying.

Making hard decisions is just part and parcel of life.

Sometimes, it’s just plain logic to relocate. And even the greatest emotional attachment you have to the current house has to be let go because it just makes perfect sense.

Here are some reasons to justify a decision to move.

1) Profits

Nothing in the world of investment has a track record like real estate in terms of performance over decades.

Even when there are blips in values (like 2008) when we refer to indices, the overall big picture will still show that it’s on a rising trend.

It might be a good time to finally cash in on that appreciation train you have been hitching a ride on all these years. Then use the proceeds from the to buy an equivalent house in a less pricey neighborhood while keeping a nice chunk of that cash for yourself.

However, if you are really moving for the cash flow it can inject into your personal finances, do explore the option of home equity loans first.

Good property in good neighborhoods are not easy to come by. If you are living on one of those, keeping the house and staying on the appreciation train will be a savvy move in the long run.

2) House is not big enough for growing family

As the kids start growing larger in size and their hormones start to affect their behavior, it is no surprise that they become more territorial.

When there are too many people in a house with too little space, there is a tendency for conflicts to arise.

It might be necessary to move to a bigger house for the sake of harmony within the family.

This is without mentioning the practicality of having more space for more people.

On another issue, even though friends still give that “look” to each other when one mentions that he/she is living with his/her parents, it must be accepted that this is a more socially accepted norm these days.

Not that there was anything wrong with it in the first place.

A lot of adults don’t see their parents as a burden and see them as assets instead. They help to look after the children, look out for the house during the day, and can often cook up a fancy dinner too.

Surely you don’t want to have to ask your kids or parents to sleep on the couch? You need more space.

3) House is too big enough for family

On the opposite side of the previous point, it can be necessary to move into a smaller house because all that extra space is simply unnecessary.

This situation often happens when parents upgrade to bigger houses because of having more kids. But as the kids grow up and go out on their own, the big house will start to become too empty and cold.

There will not be enough inhabitants to clean up rooms, call for repairs and maintenance, and liven up the place.

In this case, moving to a smaller house can enable the owner to cash out on a profit like mentioned in point #1 and reverse the actions taken in point #2.

4) School for the kids

I don’t think that I’m alone to say that every parent would want the best for their children.

And one of the things that we want our kids to have the best of is in education.

This is why I feel that moving to a new location because it is close to the school you want your kids to study in is totally justified.

You don’t want your children to have to travel for 2 hours just to get to school. And another 2 hours to get back. That is just too taxing for a child. And imagine the potential strangers they might meet on the way to and fro.

Society and the market as a whole seem to agree with this. This is why it is a well known fact that real estate in the vicinity of good schools tend to have a higher value than those that are not.

5) Better commute

One of the banes of urbanization is the commute to work. Especially during peak hour.

If you are fortunate enough to have never been right in the heart of peak hour commute, lucky you.

Traffic can be horrendous, you can never miss the bus, and there will always be someone bumping into your ass in the subway.

I won’t find it surprising if there are actually people going insane due to stressful commute.

In many cases, people can cut their travel time to work by as much as half and even up to three quarters by simply moving to a house closer to the office. And in my opinion it is money well spent on the move.

You get more sleep, lesser time in commute, and more time for the family.

That is without counting the transport expenses you will save from the shorter travel distance.

6) Change in lifestyle

When we get into a flow in our lifestyles, it takes a lot of things to happen or a dramatic change to amend the routine.

But when it does change, we need to build our life around that new lifestyle.

If for example, you have retired, then moving to a quieter area where you can enjoy the tranquility of life instead of the bustle of the city might be desirable. If you have started a home business, moving into a house that is able to cater to your specific lifestyle changes and business needs might be necessary. If you have become an avid surfer, you might want to move to a house near the coast to get easy access to those waves.

Maybe you have outgrown your neighborhood. Or maybe the neighborhood have changed while you are still your old dependable self.

Whatever the case, if the area you live in no longer serves your old, current, or new needs, then you’d be a fool not to move.

Who are you kidding?

7) The place is falling apart

Cosmetic defects in a house can be an easy fix.

But while bigger issues like foundation problems can also be rectified, it might be more worthwhile just move to a new house.

You might be looking for an excuse for years to do so anyway.

Let the existing house be taken over by a flipper and do what he does best. Take the sales proceeds and get a new house that is not falling apart.

8) New job

One of the most common reasons for people to relocate abruptly is by a new job posting to another city, state, or country.

This requires little explanation of why moving might be necessary.

9) Staying and remodeling is just not cost effective

If you are already leaning towards moving to a new place after considering staying and remodeling, the estimated costs of renovations must have been factored in.

Sometimes it just don’t make sense to remodel instead of moving. Just like why it is not cost effective to fix a TV set instead of buying a new one.

If costs is a key criteria in your decision making, just make sure you have your number right before going ahead.

Because relocating is one of those things that has more hidden costs that you can imagine.

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