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10 Tools To Prepare For Your Plans On A Woodworking Project

By on September 17, 2014

There might be a masculine side of you that is digging at you all the time to build your own wooden amish furniture. It is a natural instinct of many men as men have an instinct to build and protect just like women have an instinct to love and nurture.

But despite the thought lingering in the minds of many breadwinners at home, most still think that it could be a little embarrassing when onlookers see what you are doing in your yard. So for many people, they never get pass the thought to take actual action of making something out of wood.

Well the good thing is that this little activity is now getting more and more mainstream. And it is no longer something that your neigbours will give you the “weirdo” look for. These days, it is more of a symbol of passion and uniqueness.

In all honesty, a woodcraft of a furniture or structure is probably not going be as comfortable as a sofa bought in a furniture shop or as sturdy as the concrete walls in your house. So being your own carpenter is more of something fun to do rather than an essential project that you absolutely have to get right.

Many people consider woodworking as a very fun activity both for themselves or for the whole family, others have it as their fulltime job, but either way, this is something that requires a lot of precision and detailing to be done correctly. It also requires strength, creativity and design. These are all very important factors when it comes to woodworking project planning.

Now when we talk about fine woodworking, we are not talking about simple carpentry that creates something not up to even the lowest standards and as fragile as a flower. Unfinished furniture is just a waste of space and a reminder to both you and others that you gave up halfway. We are talking about real meticulous stuff with detailing that can only be achieved with the help of special tools meant solely for a specific purpose.

Of course, to be able to comply with these factors correctly, you need more than just your bare hands -–they’d most likely end up sore, cut and full of bruises. There are certain tools that are essential for any woodworker. Your first project might be your own router table or just to make your workbench plan come to reality.

These woodworking tools are always helpful and most of all, crucial, to complete any woodwork project. These are the most essential and basic ones:

1) Claw Hammer
This is the most basic tool. It should have a nice and balanced head not the waffle-head since it leaves a distinctive mark which you don’t want in your woodwork.

2) Tape Measure
This is key, because you need to have exact and detailed measures so everything you do looks nice and the tape will provide you with exact measurements.

3) Utility Knife
The most common is the one with disposable blades, this tool is really helpful for innumerable woodworking tasks.

4) Moisture Meter
This is vital for any long-term woodwork project you put together. Any of your projects’ success depends on the right moisture content levels of the wood.

5) Chisel
A chisel comes in handy not only in wood carving. All woodworkers need it to clean out joints and saw cuts. Look for one made of high-alloy carbon steel.

6) The Level
All woodworkers need more than one level. Obviously not 6 foot levels used in constructions, but a 48″ is perfect for most of the woodworking projects you will do. A 8″ -also called torpedo level comes in handy as well.

7) Screwdriver
We don’t even have to say why you need one, because we all know how basic and essential they are. Make sure you have all kinds of them, slot, flathead, star and torn are always needed.

8) Nail Set
A set of nails should always be present in the working area of every single woodworker. Always have sets of several sizes.

9) Sliding Bevel
If you have to measure many different angles, this is a must-have. There are different types, so you can’t go wrong with either  sliding or a T bevel.

10) Layout Square
Most woodworkers have the 6″ model because it is easier to carry it around. You can also buy a 12″ but it will take up a lot of your space instead of help and quickening your work.

Those are the most basic tools you need. So if you are planing to start your woodworking career, don’t begin before you have all of these. It is always important to make a little investment in these tools because they will last very long and you’ll use them very frequently.

Power tools

1) Scroll Saw
Scroll saws are great additions to your wood shed. They are quiet and they don’t produce a lot of dust. They can be used to cut out delicate items quickly without leaving your with a sweaty shirt. They have much smaller blades that allow you to get into tight areas or if you need to do some finer detailing on your project. They can also be used for internal pierce cuts. You can even control the speed of it. Awesome tool to have in your tool list.

woodworker-101251_12802) Wood Lathe
This is the machine you use to turn your square table legs into a round one. It is a heavy duty woodturning machine and you would have to set aside considerable space in your work area to store it. It is machines like these that create detailing which separates the hobbyist from the passionate.

3) Circular Saw
When you need to cut through thick and tough wooden structures, there is no faster way to do it than to use a circular saw. This rotary cutting powerhouse of a cutter. Depending on your project plan, it can be very useful for detailing as well if you fit it with the right blade. The drawback if that it can be a safety hazard when children are around.

4) Band Saw
This is one of the most useful machines you can have if you are a hardcore woodworker. You will be able to make long cuts down the grain of huge pieces, cross cut with it, or even for making joints. You can cut angles just by tilting the table or by using a mitre guide. And it is not just for heavy duty cutting work. It can also be used to make delicate veneer cuts. You will be able to use it for thinner material as well with good effect.

5) Planer
Planers are used to even out rough sides or in some cases, just to smoothen out the texture of your work. Just be careful when you are working on projects that comes with wood carvings as planers can destroy carving with a wrong move.

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