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5 Best Outdoor Chairs To Choose For Your Home Landscape

By on June 8, 2014

If you have an outdoor patio or deck built at home, surely some outdoor furniture will make the whole place that little more homely.

Here are some outdoor chairs and hammocks that will beautify the house from the outside while providing a comfortable place to sit and rest.

1) Vivere UHSDO9 Double Hammock

You don’t have to have two trees outside in order to enjoy the comfort of a hammock. Because it has a space-saving steel stand, you can place the Vivere Double Hammock anywhere that you’d like it to go. It can stand indoor or outside.

It’s a double hammock, which means that it’s just perfect for couples who want to relax together or a couple of kids who want to stretch out and read. The fabric that makes up the hammock is offered to you in two choices.

You can either get it in cotton or Sunbrella fabric. Sunbrella fabric means that the material is resistant to the wear and tear that can be caused by weather. The material is stain resistant, so if someone accidentally spills a drink on it, you can just wipe it clean with a little soap.

Most people think of Sunbrella fabric as comparable to cotton. If you choose to go with the cotton fabric, you’ll also experience a lot of relaxing comfort with this hammock. But cotton will last longer if you don’t leave it out in inclement weather.

The stand for the hammock is 9 feet tall so that you get plenty of height from this support structure. But a great feature is that the height of the hammock is adjustable. So you can put it closer to the ground if you like.

Because it’s a steel stand, it’s made for durability and support. The steel bars can be put together easily without any tools when your hammock arrives after shipping.

It has a high weight limit and can easily hold up to 450 pounds of weight. Because it’s so long, it can also easily hold someone who’s over 6 feet tall. Though the hammock is wide and can easily support two people, it’s also considered lightweight at only 35 pounds.

This light weight makes it easy to switch locations of the hammock. You can go from watching the sunrise or sunset to relaxing inside your home in the air conditioning within just minutes.

As a safety measure, there are plastic caps fitted on the ends. This means there won’t be any sharp edges for you to deal with. Because the hammock is so lightweight, it’s perfect for you to take with you when you’re traveling.

So if you want to head to the beach or take a trip to the lake, you can slip the hammock into the carrying case that comes as part of the purchase. It makes a great way to relax on a camping trip and because it folds up into such a small package, it doesn’t take up much room at all.

2) Strathwood Griffen All-Weather Wicker 3-Seater Sofa

Spending time outdoors is a great way to have fun, entertain guests and spend time with your family. With all the beautiful outdoor furniture available, you can do all of these things in comfort and style.

There’s a sofa for outdoor use that can meet your seating needs. The Strathwood Griffen All-Weather Wicker 3-Seater Sofa is constructed from wicker. Resin wicker is a material that’s great for outdoor use because the material is weather resistant.

There’s also very little upkeep or care that’s involved with owning wicker furniture. So that makes it the kind of furniture that you can place outdoors that’s hassle free.

This particular sofa is made to seat three people, but since that’s referring to adults, it can seat more if it’s kids or young adults on the sofa. The sofa is stylish enough so that it can be prominently displayed on a front porch.

You’ll be able to enjoy a glass of your favorite beverage while reading a book in comfort. Or, it’s suitable for a backyard deck or patio. Watching the stars at night while sitting on the sofa can be a relaxing way to unwind from your day.

The sofa comes in the color of dark brown and if you look closely at the resin, you’ll see that it looks like wood. The wood look is another reason why the sofa is so popular.

To give the sofa strong support, it has a powder coated aluminum frame. Even the feet of the sofa offer strength for support. The comfort it gives is not only had because of the wicker, but because of the large cushions as well.

You’ll get a total of three cushions for the back of the sofa to match the three seat cushions. But on top of these cushions, the sofa also comes with an additional four throw pillows.

This gives the sofa an elegant, welcoming appeal. All of the cushions are beige so they’ll match any outdoor furniture that you may already have. If guests are going to be eating while sitting on the sofa, you know how easy it can be for crumbs and bits of food to spill between cushions.

These cushions are all removable so that you can wipe out any crumbs. You have to spot clean any stains from the cushions and then let them dry completely in the sun.

If you want the material of the cushions to last longer, then when the weather is bad, you might want to make sure that the cushions are covered to protect them. The sofa body is fairly light at only 56 pounds, so it’s easily moved if needed.

You won’t have to use any tools to put it together because there’s no assembly needed. The back of the sofa doesn’t protrude which means that you won’t be dealing with a back that has bulk which takes up too much room.

3) Strathwood Gibranta All-Weather Hardwood Arm Chair

Arm chairs can make a great choice as an individual seat or as a group of outdoor seating options. When you’re kicking back outside relaxing or you have some friends over hanging out for a barbecue, you need some durable seating.

That’s where the Strathwood Gibranta All-Weather Hardwood Arm Chair comes in. You want chairs that don’t sit straight up because that can put strain on your hips and back.

Chairs that recline at a small angle help your body be more at ease because there’s not as much pressure put on your spine. Chairs like these that have arcing arms also reduce the tension in the shoulders as well as in the wrists.

Besides functionality, the chairs are also pleasing to look at. They add plenty of front porch appeal as well as make for great chairs to have on a back deck. Because the chairs are so beautiful to look at, some buyers use them inside the home instead of using them outside.

The chairs have a cushion for the back to offer lumbar support for you. There’s also a cushion for the seat part of the chair. You can adjust the back pillow as needed to offer higher support if you don’t want it at your lower back.

The cushions are securely fixed to the chair by the use of ties so you don’t have to worry about the cushions scooting aside when you go to sit down. The ties also help keep the cushion steady in case the wind picks up.

The chairs are built to withstand inclement weather. The design lets water pass through the wood instead of pooling which can hasten the demise of wood furniture.

What this design feature does is it lets the chair dry faster whenever it does happen to get wet. But the slats are created in such a way that they do offer maximum support in the seating area.

Each of these chairs is solid wood so that makes them a little heavier than the average outdoor chair. These weigh about 20 pounds per chair. You will need to put them together when you get them.

The chairs are made from eucalyptus wood, which is weather resistant and extremely long lasting wood. Not only that, but eucalyptus wood does not easily rot in bad weather.

It also doesn’t succumb to insects that want to try to build a home in the wood. Upon arrival, the wood of these chairs will be a nice brown color. Over time, they will lose this color and turn gray if you don’t prepare the wood.

You can prevent this change in color from happening by coating the wood with hardwood oil on a regular basis. You should coat the wood portions of the chair one to two times with hardwood oil each year in order to maintain the color.

4) Sky Air Chair Swing Hanging Hammock Chair W/ Pillow & Drink Holder

A hammock invokes images of resting on comfortable material catching a few winks outside on a breezy summer day. But some people, while they like the idea of a hammock, don’t particularly want to be in a horizontal position.

There is one style of hammock that has a gentle recline so you can stay in an upright position. This chair style is just as relaxing as a flat hammock. The chair style makes it great for relaxing or for working in it.

Best of all, this hammock can be used inside your home or outside of it. If you use it outdoor, the weather won’t be an issue for it because the material used is made from a weather resistant product.

It’s strong, too – made that way by the 600D nylon that’s double layered with tough stitching to hold it together. Because of the strength that this hammock has, it can support up to 250 pounds of weight.

Made to last, it comes with a 3 year warranty from the manufacturing company. The edging of the material has nylon webbing around it for extra durability. This prevents against fraying and rips to the material.

The dowels that are included are made from tough, hardwood oak so they’ll last as well. Besides being so durable, this hammock also has some great features for your comfort.

There’s a pillow for your head to rest on. This pillow does have the ability to come off, so if you don’t want to use if for your head, you can either put it down at your back or not use it at all.

In addition to the handy headrest, the hammock also has a foot rest so that you can elevate your feet while you’re relaxing. This too is adjustable so regardless of your height, you can be comfortable.

The hammock also has two arm rests that provide good support and comfort. With most hammocks, if you have something to drink, you have to hold it in your hands, which just leaves you one hand to hold a book or to get on and off the hammock with.

Or, you end up setting the drink on the ground and the next thing you know, you have insects trying to get into your drink. This hammock prevents that because it comes with a drink holder and it’s one of the hammock’s best features that buyers rave about.

Whenever you want to take this hammock with you, it’s easy to do that because it comes with a carrying case. What many buyers do, however, is to fasten the hammock to a beam or other support structure either in or outside of their home.

To help set up the hammock, it does come with UV protected rope. It also comes with two “S” hooks made of steel as well as a steel eye lag bolt. When you fasten the swing to the rope, you have to make sure that the knot you use is securely tied.

5) Caravan Canopy Zero Gravity Chair

Relaxing is easy to do when you have a comfortable chair to do it in. Most chairs are so narrow that you can feel the sides of the chair digging into your hips. They’re so tight that you don’t have any wiggle room at all.

Regular chairs also don’t offer much in way of support for your backside, your back or your legs. Bu that’s not the case with the Caravan Canopy Zero Gravity Chair.

This chair is wider than a standard chair in the same class of chairs. This means that you have room to get as comfortable as you’d like to get. The chair is known as the zero gravity chair because of the technology involved in the design.

The chair takes its cue from outer space travel. When astronauts head out to explore outer space, they experience an adventure that holds no gravity for them for the duration of their stay there.

Gravity free means that it takes the pressure off the body and you literally feel weightless. That’s what happens with this chair. The chair introduces you to the same experience that astronauts have with gravity.

You’ll end up with comfort unlike anything that you’ve ever had in a seat. You can lay the chair back so that your legs are raised. This is an easy, fluid motion minus the tugging and jerking that you get from other chairs.

Once the chair is relaxed back, this gives you an all over sensation of freedom and comfort. This is because the chair protects your back from the pressure that you’d normally get on your spine from regular chairs.

There is a feature with the Caravan Canopy Zero Gravity Chair that will allow users to adjust how they want the chair to recline. You’ll get more reclining options with this chair.

What this chair also has over other chairs is that it has a headrest. This provides comfort for your head and neck. However, because it’s an adjustable headrest, you can also adjust it so that the headrest gives your lower back support if need be.

The fabric of the chair is durable and easy to wipe clean from spills. It has a strong, coated steel frame that enables the chair to support up to 300 pounds of weight. The chair folds quickly when not in use and is easy to take with you.

So it’s the perfect addition for a trip to the pool or beach or for taking along on a camping trip. But these chairs also make great deck chairs for sitting outside your home to relax in. They can also be used inside the home.

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