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6 Ways To Personalize Your Room With Accessories

By on July 3, 2013

Layering you bed. The bed is one of the most personal spaces for any individual. Instead of having a boring bed that only has a piece of bedsheet over it, layer it with a quilt and blanket while placing pillows and cushions over each other. Use designs that suit your personality. The result is a fuller and more cozy look for your bed. And remember that the thicker your mattress looks, the more tempting it is to jump straight in after a long day at work.

Lighting. There are so many options to go with lighting. But most people only limit their selections to fluorescent lights or warm lights. Standing lamps, table lamps, chandeliers, cool lights, etc, are among many choices that you have. A vintage lamp on your side table can add a touch of tranquillity to your room that is hard to express in words. If you ask celebrities what makes them look gorgeous all the time, a lot of them will say it’s good lighting. So don’t underestimate the impact of lighting. These are 2 purposes for lights. One for reading and one for aesthetic effects. You can have both and only use reading lights when there is a need to.

Flowers. Flowers add life and colour to any room. And you should have at least one in your room accompanied by a posh looking vase. Going for live plants can be cumbersome as you need to water it everyday. So go for plastic ones if you are too lazy to take care of a live one. The beauty of using flowers as accessories is that any room no matter what kind of design can be enhanced by flowers of any colour. This is the beauty of mother nature.

plant for roomRugs. A lot of people go all out to design a cozy room but still cannot achieve the desired effect after implementing all those ideas. Most of the time, it is because they have forget about the rug. There is just something about placing a rug under the bed or sofa that oozes class. It is a blending item where you blend the floor to the furniture standing on it. You will of course have to use the right rug design. Avoid going for a fancy one unless it fits into the design theme of your room.

Artwork. Art is what creative people use to express themselves because words are unable to represent what they are really thinking or feeling. Hanging a painting on your wall will tell people about your personality even though you might have absolutely no idea what kind of personality you have. The magic is in the artwork. Common types of artwork are random paintings or urban photographs. Take a trip to the design shop to choose one that you feel right. There is no need to justify your selection as long as you have a good feeling about a particular painting. Don’t worry that it might communicate the wrong things, no one can use words to define you based on a painting anyway.

Curtains. You might not have any of the above mentioned items in your room because they are not absolutely essential. But it will be a little weird if you do not have a curtain on your window protecting your from outside light. Since you will absolutely be using curtains in your room, why not make it a good one. Curtains are essential for room design like how grass is to a garden. Silky designs that go full length adds a touch of posh to any room. It is best to stay away from fancy designs and go safe. Quality curtains will already look great in their original state.

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