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Black And White Theme Apartment With Slight Victorian Taste

By on March 27, 2017

soft victorian style house

For some people, a Victorian design theme can be too overwhelming to digest. For others, it is the only way to set up a house and nothing else. Take a look at the breathtaking common area of this 3-room apartment. This design concept brings along a classic flavor without using wallpaper, and a minor taste of medieval times. Luxurious in aesthetics, and down to earth in expression. Create a fusion with modern black and white to avoid an overbearing feeling of old times.

White fabric sofa set with black cushion pillows. Faux sheepskin rug dyed in black. Rectangle and reflective coffee table with mirror top. Large size photo album and matching organizer with ribbon. Victorian style candle holders and vase. Modern black piano. Electric guitar. Music sheet stand. Dark wood Victorian design cupboard cabinet. Glass dinning table. PVC dining chairs with white lining. Mini chandelier lights over dinner area. Designer table lamps. Disco style wall feature. Indoor decorative artificial plants. Vertical window blinds. Mini workstation. Door entry lighting from above. DIY clip-on spot lights on ceiling.

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