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Ceiling Fans – Choosing Between Decorative and Functional

By on August 2, 2013

In the past where life was much more simple, ceiling fan were bought only for serving the cooling needs of houses. Today, fans are not enough. Air-conditioners are needed if you really want to cool down a room. Ceiling fans are now more used as an addition accessory to the design quotient of homes and buildings.

The ceiling fans are part of interior design of a home (unless you are one of those who thinks they are ugly as hell) and hence more care is needed on selecting the modern fan with attractive color and design. The days are gone when the fans were simply of two colors, white and brown. They come in radical colors and designs. Your decision of buying a fan that is attractive can be more fun but the process is not easier.

Even though beauty factor of your house is important, your first consideration should be of the size and number of blades that will fit the room, thereby giving you enough air. If your room is smaller, then you need to go for smaller fans that will fit the space. It will look daunting and hazardous if a ceiling fan takes up half the ceiling space of a room. Larger rooms can be accommodated with bigger decorative fans. They give a feeling of boldness and luxury. Hence, before going out for shopping, figure out the size  restrictions of your living or bed room and allocate your budget accordingly.

vontage style fanThe motors are important factors in determining the cooling effect of fans in the rooms. There are a couple of different types of motors namely friction drive and direct drive motors. Of the two, the direct drive motors are more expensive and rightly so, because of its quieter operation along with longer durability. Hence, if you are one person who is sensitive to even minute noises, go for fans with direct drive motors. Some fans serve dual purposes by acting as light fixtures as well. They have light bulbs in the middle that provides lighting to the rooms. Here again, you need to decide if the light in the fan will be used regularly by you, or it simply serves decorative needs. Don’t be embarrassed if your fan fixture does not serve any practical or functional purpose. More people do this than you think. The look that you will achieve will be worth your efforts.

Color of the fans also plays a vital role in the selection. The color of the room and painting should be considered when selecting the fan color. Add bright colored fans to your rooms if you favor such bold colors. Be creative in the fan designs. Sometimes the color is not important when your focus is blending it with the furniture in the particular room. For example, you want to use a Victorian styled fan if you are designing your room with a Victorian style.

Finally, check for certain specifications of the fans to check its quality. The blade angle plays an important role in spreading coolness to the entire area of the room. Normally, the blade angle comes in 8-15 inches of pitch value and higher the pitch, higher the quality. You also have various methods for adjusting the fan speed. There are pull chains that adjust the speed along with acting as a controller for switching on/off the lights. Some fans can be operated using hardwired boards fixed in walls.

In some expensive fans, you also have remote control for controlling the fan and light. The most costly fans in the market come with self temperature sensor that adjusts the fan’s speed based on the room temperature. If the room is warmer, the fans’ speed will increase and vice-versa. Based on all the above considerations, select the appropriate style of fan with the color of your choice and enjoy the stay in your house.

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