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Design Elements When Considering Parquet Floors

By on August 19, 2013

The flooring of a house is always a big decision to make when renovating. This is because of the costs involved. It is also the only fixture that you will feel with your own skin anywhere you go within your home. Other remodeling works usually do not commence until a home owner decides on a particular flooring for design reason.

Parquet flooring has become one of the more popular styles of flooring in the recent past as they resemble relaxing resorts. They are seen in all exposed floors because of its cheaper price as well. Because of this reason, it is considered as one of the best alternatives to carpeting which can be a dusty affair and a headache when maintaining. Parquet flooring also has the advantage of being easily installable and maintainable.

There are certain factors to consider before buying and installing parquet floors to your home. Parquet flooring is available in multiple color shades and this comes in handy to house owners as the floor can go on par with the other elements in the house. There will surely be a style that suits the design theme of the property owner. You have the flexibility to choose among the multiple colors available. You have floors in colors ranging from darker shades to lighter elegant versions. Select the color shade based on your personal interest. Interior designers should be able to lay out all the design options that suit your taste.

parquet floor designSimilar to various colors being available for flooring, there are various textures as well. The floors with higher grades of wood can be useful in places with more traffic. The rooms with less traffic can be floored with lighter grades itself. Planning the grades of the floors will increase the lifetime, thereby reducing the need for replacement in the near future. It is your responsibility to choose a style and texture that will suit the room. Some types of flooring are tailor made to be installed in kitchens and living rooms. Hence plan accordingly. Parquet flooring is easy to install and it can be done yourself, without the help of professionals. All you need is a simple guide on how to install, which can be found online. But if you can afford it, it is best to let the professionals takeover. After all, one wrong move from you can be costly. There are many elements of installation that you do not know that you don’t know.

The floors contain a tongue in the groove that snaps the sections with each other. This will give a professional look to your floors making everyone to wonder if the flooring was done by a professional. If you are about to install the floor on your own, you need to consider the type of adhesive that is available in the parquet. The right amount of the adhesive is also critical. As too much can flow through the groves while too little can compromise firmness. Some parquet floors come with simple to use adhesives but the others contain adhesives that may end up messy.

The parquet floors are less expensive that even if you choose between various textures and colors, the cost will be less. Hence you can get rich designs and models at a reasonable price. Normally, the parquet floors are of geometric designs that please your eyes. Hence if you are on search for parquet floors keep all the above factors in mind and buy out the best designs available. These types of floors are prone to moisture attack when the moisture content in the room and the building is more than 60-65 %. Maintain the floors properly for its longer life.

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