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Earth Tone Living Room Theme With High Ceiling

By on March 13, 2017

earth tone high ceiling living room

Using an earthly tone color theme can bring a huge sense of calm and peace into any home. It is a popular design concept used in many houses especially for the living room. For preferences of funky colors are often attributed to individual personality and reserved for bedrooms. Don’t forget that it’s not all about the browns and wooded tones. The use of warm and cool lighting plays a huge part in created the desired effect as well. High ceiling add that additional luxurious look to the space.

Persian rug. Square glass coffee table top. L-shaped sofa set with matching ottoman. Single seat sofa sets. Earth tone cushion covers. Dark brown side table. Bamboo blinds. Windows looking into garden. High ceiling with cove lights. False ceiling with down lights. Open hallway to bedrooms. Electric fireplace. Precious stones on display.

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