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Funky Home Decoration Ideas For The Groovy You

By on May 28, 2013

During the days of Vanilla Ice, being funky was the code that the trendiest kids will follow regimentally like a model soldier. Well it has been almost 25 years since the rapper took the world by storm. If you are one of the cool kids who was lip-synching to every word of Vanilla Ice during the days where it was number one on the billboards charts, you are probably at an age now where you own a home or considering buying one. Maybe the funky virus is still infecting you or maybe you just have a thing for funky design. Whatever the case, funky home decorations have a place in our home as long as we are into it. You can theme you whole house with a funky theme or just implement the design for a room.

If you are on a tight budget, a funky design can be wallet-friendly. This is because furniture and accessories are fabricated with the appearance as it’s focus instead of quality. It is this reason that they can be inexpensive. The important thing is that they are functional and practical with the groovy look.

Although decorative items in these styles can be much cheaper, avoid falling into the trap of cheapening your home. You are spending less because funky decorations are cheaper. Not the other way around where you are broke and therefore going for funky designs. Accessories with the vintage look will look great even on a budget. They evoke fun memories and entice a retro atmosphere for occupants.

Going for such a style, a funky wall art is a must. Run down to IKEA or eBay to browse artwork. They can carry a wide variety of inexpensive funky looking art for your design purposes. Walls have to be painted with colours that enhance vibrancy to the room. Avoid using only one colour. Instead use at least two colours like lime green and fuchsia to add to the vibrancy. Clashing shapes and colours only add to the funkiness.

funky artworkIf you do not wish to go overboard with a funky home, all you have to do to add a funky flavor is create a focal point like a feature wall with a combination or fun colours like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Add graffiti art on the feature wall for greater measure.

The next items to groove up your home are fabrics. Fabrics with funky designs are not mass market. So you might have a challenge finding suitable fabrics to blend into your design. If this is indeed the case, go to a fabric shop and get your custom dyed. Other textured items to source for include wallpaper, curtains, skirting, etc.

To take it further, conventional furniture shapes can look out of place in a funky styled home. Avoid furniture with symmetry. Go for unusual shapes. Sofa set for example can retain the seating design, but the back rest can be an unusual shape. You might have to go the custom route again for weird shaped furniture.

How can we do a funky design without adding a bit of your personality? Accessorize the room with funky collections like old Coca Cola bottles, cameras and vintage music records. Vintage collection items look great and you are bound to have visitors who are mesmerized by them. Where to get these items? Try eBay. And if you are really serious, take a merchandising  trip to Bangkok.

Most importantly, remember to sketch out your design as you do not want to get it wrong. Then again, getting it wrong sounds groovy.

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