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Giving Your Bathroom The Spa Look And Feel

By on June 4, 2013

The bathroom is a place we spend a lot of personal time in. Women can spend hours inside preparing for a night out and men can also spend an extended time getting that perfect shave. Let’s skip the parts about trimming the hairs in our nostril and squeezing the daylights out of that rebellious zit. But for most people, it is a place to recharge ourselves after a tough day in the office.

Many would trade time in the bathroom for a nice session at the spa. Of course, it will be difficult to convert your bathroom into a real spa. But there is no guideline that says you cannot make your bathroom feel like one by giving it some personality. Here are some simple things you can do to achieve exactly that while retaining the practical purpose of a bathroom .

Eliminate clutter. De-cluttering has been the buzz word ever since simplistic modern home design started being featured in magazines. Almost any design style will require you to remove clutter. It will be hard to imagine a style that requires clutter to achieve a desired look. Make sure every item has a place. Small items and accessories should be packed together and keep away from view in the cabinet.

Candles. You are trying to achieve an aesthetic look. Not trying to burn down something. White candles add a touch of tranquility to any room. If you can afford it, get those mechanical ones where the “flames” flicker inside translucent candle holders. When you are going for real candles, use teacup saucers and wooden holders. Place them around the bath tub or at one end of it where you feet will be. Don’t burn yourself.

Zen and tranquility added

Zen and tranquility added

Rugs. If you use a shower screen, this means that there are areas which are kept dry. Don’t neglect these areas by leaving them empty. Just like how a rug can beautify your living room, it will also do the same to your bathroom. You will of course have to use a suitable rug that will not be easily damaged by moisture But if you are not using a shower screen, you won’t be able to exercise this option.

Towels. Something that gives hotel rooms and spas the zen feeling is the use of towels. You might never have thought about it. But we can tell a high quality towel from a cheap one very often without even thinking about it. Good towels look elegant and feel luxurious. Store them like how the professionals do it by rolling them up nicely and putting them aside in view. It will not be able to add on to the atmosphere if you hide them in the closet away from view.

Aroma. How can we even think about creating a spa like room without mentioning aromatherapy? If you are already using real candles, all you need now is a holder to start putting those oils to work. If you are looking for an alternative, try diffusers or a Lampe Berger. The best scents to use are rose and lavender. You might have you personal favourites.

Aesthetic use of towels, rug and plant.

Notice aesthetic use of towels, rug and plant.

Fixtures. The items that will take up most of the view when looking into your bathroom are the fixtures. If you are on a serious mission to create that spa look, this is an area you should not penny pinch. The main items to go classy are sinks, shower heads, toilet bowls, bath tubs, and wall fixtures. How classy are designs of sinks and tubs are subjective. But you should definitely go for stainless steel for wall fixtures and shower heads. There is just something about stainless steel that adds boldness and humility to a bathroom.

Lighting. Lighting is a key element of any design theme. Soft and down lights make a room look dreamy. If you have had the chance to visit one of those show rooms where they demonstrate room lighting, you will know that a room can be transformed from ordinary to seductive with just a flip of a switch. Stay away from traditional fluorescent lights unless you are keeping them for a backup plan.

Add a touch of nature. Set up some plants in a corner. All you are trying to achieve is a look. So you can use plastic plants instead of real ones. These days plastic plants look more real than the real thing. Use white Victorian vases if possible. Avoid going overboard with plants. It can feel weird with an powerful plant in the bathroom.

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