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Hire An Interior Designer Instead Of Manage Your Own Contractors

By on January 3, 2015

Are you thinking about remodeling your house now or just a particular room in your home?

If you are, then you’re probably going to end up spending a nice amount of money hiring a contractor in order to make sure it get’s done right? The question many homeowners don’t bother to ponder about is whether it would be better to go with contractors you hire or would it be better to go with an interior designer? Both of them can help you put together the pictures you have in your head, but in different ways. If it is worth anything, I would always go with an interior designer all of the time. It is for the following reasons.

1) An interior designer knows how to work better with contractors

You’d still have access to contractors, but you wouldn’t be using the ones you were going to originally go with. An interior designer has access to contractors who know how to work well with them. They’ve used these contractors to do remodeling projects in the past and with great success. In fact they’d be able to show you some of what they’ve put together. A designer would also be able to better instruct contractors in a way you might not be able to.

Like any project, teamwork plays an essential part in success. When your designer has already worked with his contractors for countless projects, there is a lesser likelihood of conflicts. If anything, they will be more harmony as contractors are eventually paid by the designer. This means that there will be a clear leader and it also eliminates any power struggles from occurring right in your own home.

2) An interior designer knows how to ask the right questions and give the right answers

Contractors you might hire would ask you nothing but the most basic questions. What they want is an understanding of what you want and then they want to do all they can to make sure they do it satisfactory. You might want more than this though. An interior designer knows how to ask you the right questions as well as give you the right answers in order to reassure you. What they put together for you would be based on your feedback and a little bit of theirs.

On top of that, contractors and handymen tend to take orders from you without any conceptual input of their own. This means that they might not advise you of a bad idea you have and just go ahead with your instructions. They get paid more if they have to tear things down and build something else anyway. Designers on the other hand are expected to give you suggestions and advice you properly on whether your ideas will blend into the design or make you a mockery out of your friends. This leads us to the next point.

3) An interior designer isn’t going to let anything go wrong that would mess up the project

Contractors you were to hire might know what you want, but they still might not know how to put together certain things. If the remodeling job you want done is complex this is going to increase the chances of something going wrong. And when that does happen, they will blame you for providing vague instructions. An interior designer know how to work with contractors to make sure the project gets finished without any issues. And these is little chance that contractors can put up a smoke screen when things go wrong as designers probably have as much, if not more, knowledge on construction projects.

4) An interior designer know how to create more space or at least the illusion of it

Whatever remodeling job you’re getting done is probably because you want more space right? Sometimes the contractors you hire would only be able to tell you basic ways to create more space, but you need more than this right? An interior designer knows how to create space in different ways. And if they can’t create more space based on what they put together they could create the illusion of space.

5) An interior designer went to school for several years in order to acquire the skills they have

Interior designers are people who have all the skills about design that contractors you would hire just don’t. When they work with certain contractors they know how to instruct them and work with them in a way that ensures a remodeling job gets done the way they designed it.

This is not to say that contractors who have little qualifications are not up to the mark on their skills. But if you have no knowledge of someone’s history, your best choices to hire someone to design your house will depend on track records.

As there are people who are trained to be creative and those who are gifted in it, when everything else is equal, you would probably have more peace of mind leaving your house in the hands of someone with the qualifications to show.

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