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How to Design A Clutter Free Studio Apartment

By on November 20, 2014

It could be because of your chosen lifestyle or due to your job that makes it more worthwhile to live in the city. The most noticeable thing about living in the urban city is the cost of living. And one of the most expensive items you will find is the prices of real estate. This is why many people make studio apartments the home of choice. They are usually well-located and more affordable.

If you can afford it, buying one usually make more sense than renting one. Because not only will owning it help you gain from value appreciation, you will be able to rent it out and collect rentals should you relocate again in future.

The biggest headache that concerns buying studio apartments is the designing part. Because browsing through home design magazines will quickly make you realize that you might not have enough space to work with to incorporate the designs that you want. Overall, you want to create more space and avoid clutter while making your home as practical as possible.

In any studio apartment floor space is at a premium. So design the apartment in such a way that everything is kept open by making things as vertical as possible. Factors such as shelves, stacking, bookcases etc. are all in effect ways to include more in less space. As a bonus, this vertical effect will lead the human eye upwards, making the studio apartment look larger.

Use hideaway Furniture

Fold out couches and Murphy beds are two of the finest ways to free a lot of space. A futon or sleeper couch also will let you save space, and with them around, you require less furniture. Other types of hideaway furniture that can help you are the kind of tabletop that can be folded out, as also foot stools, coffee tables that incorporates storage.

Keep Things Light

Dark colors generally make things feel very comfortable, meaning closed in. For studio apartments, make the décor very light by using only light or pastel colors so that things feel opened up, making your apartment seem larger. Another good way is to keep the color almost the same all through the apartment, so it doesn’t look all chopped up as also smaller than it really is. Keeping your mind in the same element of thought, make your apartment be flooded with brighter light as this is certain to make things seem more open. Thus increase the wattage of all your lamps and pull back the shades during daytime.

Reduce Clutter

Clutter is the enemy of a studio apartment so you must do all you can to avoid it. Since a studio apartment has a limited floor space, clutter is more obvious in one. Reducing clutter means doing two things:

  • Get rid of all unused items
  • Organize all furniture and fittings in a way that gets rid of clutter

Doing these two things, will make your studio apartment look larger. Another area that you want to definitely keep clutter-free is at the entrance of the studio apartment. If you feel cramped, the moment you open the door, it will be very difficult to get past and into other areas of your apartment.

Transparent Furniture and Fixtures

Let items such as end tables, coffee tables, lamps etc be made from transparent materials. This is an easy way of transforming a space to make it seem open without the necessity of having to forgo a few pieces of your furniture.

Scale Furniture to the Size of the Room

Avoid furniture that is oversized as well as miniaturized because both types make the studio look smaller than it really is. Relate your furniture to the size of the floor to decide on the type of furniture that is most appropriate. When out to buy furniture for your studio apartment, remember the following things.

  • Avoid furniture that have rounded corners as they need more space
  • Avoid huge and overstuffed furniture that make your studio look smaller
  • Buy furniture with space underneath that is clearly visible as they will have an airier and open feel.

Hope these tips can help you maximize the visual appearance of your studio apartment.

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