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Spacious Kitchen Adopting Dark Wood Color Design

By on June 8, 2017

If you don’t like the typical home designed with predictable bright and pastel colors, a kitchen adopting a dark wood color concept can really wet your appetite. While furniture and fitting in dark colors and shades can look out of place, they can really make a room come alive when blended with the right family of colors. Just be careful not to make it look eerie it could be a living area most avoided by the kids.

Built-in cabinets against the wall with ergonomically placed counter space, display antique-looking utensils, maroon painted walls, refrigerator with victorian styled doors, small metal base chandelier with candle-shaped lighting and bulbs, made-to-fit metallic oven and stove, display plates on wall in place of paintings, under cabinet range hood, stand-alone island at center of kitchen with matte finish and built-in storage space, tall chairs with metal stands, artificial pot of display plants, warn downward-looking lighting, dark colored beams on ceiling, adjacent to door into back yard.

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