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Classic Luxurious Bathroom With Bathtub As Focal Point

By on April 3, 2017

luxurious bathroom with classy bathtub

Make the bathtub the focal point of a bathroom when it is used more regularly than the typical shower. Add a strong masculine flavor to the space by using classic dark wood with conventional carvings. Don’t let the appearance of an unsightly commode taint the luxurious aesthetics by hiding it in a corner with fully covered plaster walls and door. By maximizing space and applying an earth tone color theme, you might just need extra motivation just to leave your spathroom.

Marble siding bathtub. Dark brown matching towels. Reed diffuser by the window. Bath essentials on porcelain tray beside the head of the tub. Decorative mid-sized plant. Classic-styled cabinets for storage and to hide the sink. Essential oils in bottle. Perfume bottles on sink beside the tap. Mirror extending to the ceiling. Egyptian sateen curtains. Mini chandelier lighting fixture hanging above bathtub. Enclosed sanitary toilet area. Restroom mat.  Towel bar. False ceiling. Down lights. Entrance to master bedroom.

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