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5 Modern Toaster Ovens That Will Not Destroy The Expensive Look Of Your Kitchen

By on July 1, 2014

Cuisinart Compact Digital Toaster Oven Broiler

The Cuisinart Compact Digital Toaster Oven Broiler comes in either silver or black. The toaster oven is stainless steel giving it a sleek and modern look. With a 0.35 cubic-foot capacity, the toaster oven is compact enough to fit on even small counters.

This Cuisinart model has different heating options for sandwiches, bagels or toast. It also has options that you can use for bake or broil. There’s also has a heating function for leftovers and a keep a warm setting, which is perfect for when you can’t get your food out of the toaster oven as soon as the timer goes off.

Each function heats the food differently.  For example, the bagel function produces more heat on the top side rather than the bottom so that the bagels are chewy rather than hard or crunchy.

But the sandwich function has the majority of the heat on the bottom so it toasts your bread and melts cheese on top. This Cuisinart model comes with Always Even Toast Shade Control, which makes toast without burning the edges like a regular pop up toaster can often do.

The Always Even technology heats all the food put in the oven thoroughly so there aren’t cold places even in your frozen foods. You’ll get a blue backlit LCD digital display where you can see what function your food is cooking on, how much time is left before it’s done and the temperature at which the food is cooking.

When using the toast or bagel setting, you have the option of using one of seven different browning modes to get the bagel as light or as dark as you want it.  When using the bake function you can bake anything that you normally would in a standard kitchen oven.

Cookies are heated evenly throughout and meats like chicken are cooked thoroughly using the bake function. The broil function is generally used for beef, fish, pork, and chicken.

However, you can also use it to brown the top of casseroles. Once the food is cooked, you can leave it on the keep warm function, which uses only the heating elements on the bottom of the toaster oven that it doesn’t dry out the food while it keeps it warm.

There’s also a hands free bake rack that slides out when the door is opened. It also includes a broiling rack. Cleanup is made easy with a removable drip tray that’s placed under the broiling rack. Adding to the easy cleanup is a removable crumb tray that slides underneath the toaster oven.

The removable drip tray can also double as a baking sheet and is dishwasher safe. However, after a few spins in the dishwasher, the baking sheet can start to cause the food to stick to it so you might want to hand wash it.

Breville BOV450XL Mini Smart Oven with Element IQ

The Breville BOV450XL Mini Smart Oven with Element IQ comes with heating elements that are made of quartz, which cooks food faster and more evenly. The interior cavity has a nonstick coating and the exterior is powder-coated steel.

This Breville model isn’t intended for under cabinet use so make sure you don’t use it as such. The heating elements often make the top exterior hot and it needs the air and clearance.

Since the toaster oven measure roughly nine inches in height and fifteen inches in length, it doesn’t need a lot of space on the counter. The interior has three rack positions making it easy to rearrange in order to make room for whatever you want to put in it.

The toaster oven can hold four slices of bread at once. It can also fit up to an eleven inch pizza. This toaster oven has an easy-to-use function dial that allows you to choose the cooking option without punching in numbers or temperatures on a keypad.

The dial comes with eight settings, including bake, broil and toast. You can also select bagel, pizza and roast. If you’re reheating a dish there’s also an option for that. This oven can also let users bake cookies.

The eight functions come with recommended settings, but you can change those if you want to. The recommended settings are useful when you want to heat something up quickly.

If you don’t want to use the recommended setting, you also have the option to use customized settings that allow you to choose heating specifics. Like many other Breville models, this one comes with a crumb tray that catches food particles.

The crumb tray is also in the front for easy access. When you dump out the crumbs the tray should be wiped off before being placed back in the slot. This keeps food from sticking to it.

Along with the crumb tray, this toaster oven comes with a small pan for baking. You can fit a square 9×9 baking pan in the oven, but most oblong pans won’t fit. You can also use round cake pans and dishes for pies with this oven.

The bake and roast features allow you to cook meats and potatoes, but the interior can’t be too full or the heating elements on the top won’t work as well and may burn the top of your foods.

Unlike most Breville models, the cooking rack doesn’t slide out automatically when you open the door. This mini oven has a lot of features that the bigger Breville models have. It comes with an audible buzzer and a red light that glows to let you know when your food is done.

modern toaster oven in kitchen designBlack & Decker TO1332SBD 4-Slice Toaster Oven

Toaster ovens are considered an almost essential kitchen staple in homes all across the world. The Black & Decker 4-Slice Toaster Oven (model # TO1332SBD) is a great addition to any kitchen, especially for people who are constantly on the go.

This Black & Decker model comes with a great feature called Even Toast, which is a technology that improves the distribution of the interior heat so that the food you’re warming gets the right amount of heat all around.

Because it has a curved interior this helps with that even distribution of heat. The curved interior also allows you to fit in four slices of toast at a time so you can make more at once.

This is especially helpful if you have a large family or have guests over. This toaster oven can also heat a pizza that’s up to nine inches in diameter. Or it can heat up an eight inch square cake.

So that means, you can make a main meal as well as a delicious dessert!  The toaster oven comes with broil, toast, keep warm, and bake options. It also has a half hour timer, which can even stay on longer if you need it to.

This allows for longer baking times and keeps your food warm if you can’t get it out of the toaster oven as soon as it’s done. You can set the timer and the oven will signal a sound when the timer does happen to run out.

There’s a light indicator for when the oven is in use and also features an audible sound the oven lets out when the food is cooked. This model has a maximum temperature of 450 degrees.

You can safely use the higher temperatures without overheating the food. As an added safety feature, the exterior of the oven won’t get too hot for you to touch either. Although the exterior door becomes warm when the oven is in use, the door handle remains cool.

Included in the toaster oven is a broil rack, but it’s not adjustable. The oven also comes with a bake pan that’s removable. Clean up is made easy with a removable crumb tray that helps to keep crumbs off your counter.

This Black & Decker model comes with a two-year warranty. The cord is relatively short, which is great for those with little kids because it makes it more difficult to be pulled off the counter.

The door of the toaster oven is easy to open and close, but it doesn’t have a latch or make a noise when it shuts, so it needs to be checked to make sure that it’s completely shut.

The oven is compact and fits nicely on a counter, even in little kitchens. It’s also lightweight, which makes it easy to move around on counters or put out of sight when not in use.

The toaster heats up plenty of different frozen foods, including waffles, chicken nuggets, pizza, and more. However, for some frozen foods, a bit of baking time may need to be added.

Cuisinart TOB-40 Custom Classic Toaster Oven Broiler

The Cuisinart Custom Classic Toaster Oven Broiler (the TOB-40 model), has so much room that you can fit in six slices of bread at a time. The interior is also large enough to fit an eleven inch pizza.

This Cuisinart model uses 1800 watts to maximize the heating elements and to minimize the time that’s spent cooking. It has a stainless steel front that gives it a modern look that goes well with almost every kitchen décor.

There are dials on the exterior that are used to set the temperature, function and the level of toast shade that you want it to be. The dials have easy grip rubber that doesn’t get hot when the oven is in use.

The temperature dial ranges from 150 degrees up to 450 degrees so you can cook a variety of frozen foods without a problem. The function dial allows you to choose bake, broil, toast or the bagel function.

The toast shade dial can be set to light, medium, dark and anywhere in between. Once you have the dials set, you then push the related button for whichever food you’re cooking.

At any point during the cooking time if you want to check on your food you simply push the button to stop it and you can then open the door. The Always Even technology that a lot of Cuisinart models have is also included in this one.

This technology allows the oven to monitor the temperature that’s used in toasting and adjust the timing so that the toast doesn’t burn. There is an indicator light that’s lit up to show you’re using the oven.

It also has a small storage compartment for any excess cord that you don’t want lying on your counter. The interior of the oven has a nonstick reflective coating that makes cleanup easy to do.

When you open it up, the rack comes out on autopilot, making it hands free when you want to check the status of your food. A baking sheet, drip pan and broiling rack are also included with the oven.

This model also has an automatic safety shutoff, which is a great feature if you have small children. At thirteen pounds, the toaster oven doesn’t take up too much counter space.

You can put the rack, pan and tray in the dishwasher. If you have a huge mess that got baked in good, then the drip tray may need to be soaked in hot water. If you don’t want to soak it, nonabrasive cleaners can be used on the pan.

After greasy food has been cooked in the toaster oven, the inside ceiling of it has to be cleaned. If it’s not cleaned, the toasting element has a little bit of trouble adjusting the time and temperature needed to toast bread.

Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven 1800-Watt Convection Toaster Oven with Element IQ

The Breville 1800-watt Smart Oven Convection Toaster Oven with Element IQ heats up to six slices of a toast at one time. It can also fit a thirteen inch pizza. The interior is nonstick and has three options for the rack position.

The function dial is easy to use and comes with nine different functions so you don’t have to use a keypad to punch in a temperature, time or cooking option. In this dial option, users get the standard bake, broil or reheat functions.

But there are also functions for you to use for making bagels or toast as well. Like other models in the same kind, you’ll get the keep warm function so that your food keeps warm without drying out.

Many buyers appreciate the cookie option because it allows them to make cookies without causing the edges to burn or to get too crisp. Another feature with this model is the time dial so that you get an automatic shut off as well as an alert that will sound when the cooking time is finished or your food is ready.

The exterior is made of reinforced stainless steel, which makes it durable and yet appealing to the eye. The elements in this toaster oven are also composed of quartz rather than metal.

Metal is used in most toaster ovens, but quartz responds quicker to heat, which takes time off the cooking and frees you up to do other things. This oven is great for cooking convenience foods.

The dials also allow you to select how large a pizza is you’re heating and whether or not it’s frozen. The blue-backlight LCD display lets you see what temperature is being used and what’s being cooked.

If you’re preheating the oven, the display is orange and will remain orange until the cooking is completed. Once the food is ready to be taken out of the oven, the backlight changes back to blue.

This Breville model cooks food evenly by using convection heating. With convection cooking, a fan is used to circulate the heat, ensuring that all sides and the top and bottom of a dish are all heated at the same time.

The toaster oven includes a wire rack that auto-ejects when the door opens. The rack slides out halfway, which helps prevent burns and allows you to check your food without having to take it out from the oven.

Also included is a broil rack and drip tray and bake pan to keep the mess at a minimum. It also comes with a pizza pan that can hold a thirteen inch pizza without any of the food hanging over the side and getting burned or too crispy.

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